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Instream Energy Systems and ITPEnergised win Innovate UK funding to build and test a full scale tidal stream demonstrator

02 Oct, 2017 • Instream Energy Systems

Work has started on the design of Instream’s floating tidal stream energy device. The fullscale demonstrator which features multiple vertical axis turbines mounted on a single floating platform will be deployed and tested in early 2019. The £1,48million Instream Tidal Energy Research (InTER) project is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK and brings together a consortium of industry experts; ITPEnergised, Instream Energy Systems, Tension Technology International, Leask Marine, Plymouth University and A&P Falmouth.

The project led by ITPEnergised utilises vertical axis hydrokinetic turbine technology created by Vancouver based, Canadian technology developer Instream Energy Systems and technology defence specialists BAE Systems. The project is part of Instream’s diversification from inland rivers and waterways into the marine environment; building on the knowledge gained in three previous demonstrator projects in the USA and Canada.

“Instream’s floating design aims to reduce the installation costs of tidal stream devices. Their vertical axis turbine design enables the technology to access shallow water resources not available to other technologies, opening up new markets. We are excited to be continuing our long-standing relationship with Instream Energy, and believe we have an excellent consortium in place to deliver a significant project for the industry.” Gino Bawn, Project Manager.

“This project has supported the scaling up of our technology and has enabled us to grow our UK team. The technology, which has been proven in river and canal environments has global appeal with the potential to tap into previously inaccessible marine resources.” Joe Hussey, Engineering Manager UK, Instream Energy Systems.

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Gino Bawn, ITPEnergised,
Shannon Halliday, Instream Energy Systems,

Notes to Editors:

ITPEnergised Following Energised Environments Limited's (EEL) acquisition of Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited (ITPCL) in mid-2016, the merged businesses have been re-branded as ITPEnergised. ITPEnergised is a leading international consultancy offering renewable energy, natural resources, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and asset management services for clients with onshore and offshore projects. ITPEnergised’s expertise in offshore energy projects dates back to 1991 and this experience in the sector allows the company to offer comprehensive, technical consultancy on offshore engineering design and due diligence. ITPE offers a range of project support services to project developers as well as providing strategic advice to private clients on their market business plans and governmental agencies on their techno-economic feasibility assessments for offshore energy.

Instream Energy Systems Instream Energy Systems is a renewable energy company and pioneering developer of hydrokinetic systems for near shore tidal and inland applications; offering a sustainable energy solution that is predictable, scalable, and reliable. Instream introduces a disruptive approach   3    to hydrokinetic power generation for broad, international adoption and build-out in a vast and largely untapped marine and inland resource. In 2008, Instream developed a strategic relationship with BAE Systems, resulting in a technology partnership agreement that enables Instream to leverage BAE Systems’ significant capabilities in hydrodynamics, maritime systems, information technology, system modelling and design. Design work with BAE Systems has led to a 71% increase in turbine efficiency. Instream Energy Systems has a berth secured at the Morlais demonstration zone off the coast of Wales.