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Horizon Maritime is bringing a Star to Canada’s East Coast

14 Aug, 2017 • Horizon Maritime

For immediate release August 14, 2017  

The most sophisticated offshore support vessel to ever sail under a Canadian flag was recently christened in Norway, and the Horizon Star has arrived in Atlantic Canada. The vessel was christened August 3rd near Ulsteinvik, Norway by Jodie Thornton, wife of Horizon Maritime Executive Vice President, Steve Widmeyer.  

The Subsea Intervention and Offshore Field Support Vessel, owned and operated by St. John’s and Halifax-based Horizon Maritime, is the next generation of environmentally-friendly vessels, with reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, along with high-speed, low-sound, reduced vibration levels and state of the art safety and performance capabilities. 

The vessel recently arrived in Newfoundland & Labrador and Horizon Star will go to work immediately in the waters East of the province. 

Horizon Maritime Vice President of Business Development, Graham Curren said the company bought the vessel to provide more flexibility and capacity than is available in the Canadian offshore. The Horizon Star is simply “the most versatile, capable, modern vessel in the market.”  

For non-mariners who wonder why a Canadian-owned and registered vessel was christened in Norway, where it was built, rather than in its St John’s home port, the answer is found in maritime lore. It’s considered bad luck to sail a vessel that hasn’t been christened. Sailors don’t tempt fate.  

The capabilities and capacity of the Horizon Star are impressive. It is equipped with a helicopter pad, a crane with capacity to reach 3,000-metre depths and handle massive equipment, and has a “moon pool,” that permits the launch of subsea equipment from beneath the vessel, avoiding the tumultuous ocean surface. The Horizon Star has 60-person accommodation, two high-speed rescue vessels, an iceberg and emergency towing winch, oil spill recovery certification and the best available firefighting equipment.  

It is 100 per cent owned and operated by Atlantic Canadians. Horizon’s ownership includes the company’s founders and John Risley’s CFFI Ventures.  

Horizon Maritime was formed in 2015, when experienced marine and offshore managers saw the opportunity for a local company to compete effectively in the East Coast’s changing offshore environment, as well as in the global offshore resource development sector. Horizon’s talented Atlantic Canadian team works across the country, in Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Fort McMurray, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and globally in such areas as, the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, and the Far East.  

Horizon Maritime has built a reputation for innovation and performance in meeting customers’ broad marine support requirements, including vessel operations and management, logistics, crew and personnel requirements, project management and other supply and support services.

To date, Horizon Maritime has crewed and operated vessels for other owners. The acquisition of the Horizon Star is the next stage of the company’s progressive growth and expansion plan.

A formal naming ceremony, and a chance to see and tour the vessel will be available in St. John’s at the earliest opportunity. As Mr. Curren says, the work has to come first.