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Canada tidal confirms 2018 slip

24 Jul, 2017

Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP) has confirmed deployment of its 2.5MW Triton device at Canada’s Bay of Fundy will be delayed until next year due to an ongoing design review.

The Nova Scotia company aims to complete the review by the autumn and proceed immediately to fabrication of the device’s superstructure by autumn.

The project was originally slated for installation this year at Berth B of the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy near Parrsboro.

The delay of the installation to next year was first reported last month in subscription-only newsletter reNEWS.

Triton will feature 40 SIT turbines each rated at 62kW made by BRTP's parent company Schottel Hydro.

Fabrication of the four-metre rotor turbines is underway at Schottel's facility in Dörth, Germany.

The Triton project is eligible for Nova Scotia’s developmental tidal feed-in tariff of C$530 per megawatt-hour and respective power purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power.

A second 2.5MW device will be installed around a year later. The unit is expected to be all but identical to the first machine.