Triple Point Resources Ltd.

Triple Point is developing clean energy storage in salt caverns assets, an essential component to export clean hydrogen. Salt caverns are tried-and-true solutions to handle the on-and-off nature of renewable projects. They play a crucial role in distributing hydrogen to meet the world’s increasing demand.

Triple Point Resources has validated its Newfoundland-based Fischell Dome, confirming it is currently the largest Gulf Coast domal-style salt dome and energy storage solution on North America’s east coast, should capture the attention of Canada’s hydrogen developers and its provincial and national governments. Fischell Dome will be able to store excess renewable energy when energy demand is low and use it to generate energy when demand is high. While the main advantage of a dome is to supply large-scale long-term storage for hydrogen, caverns can also supply energy with compressed air to help address wind or grid irregularities. The ability to supply energy when the wind blows too much, too little or during maintenance of equipment, ensures constant delivery to de-risks off-take agreements.

Fischell’s Dome offers the potential to store more than 35 million cubic meters of hydrogen, or the equivalent of 180,000 tonnes of hydrogen to export more than 1million ton a year of hydrogen. As the largest known dome on the east coast of North America, Fischell Dome can store multiple GWs of potential power. Additionally, as the salt is dissolved to create caverns, a brine will be produced that may allow for the sale of salt by-products into the food, chemical and agricultural markets

Service Provided:
  • Storage
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other energy