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Simply Blue Group is not just a company focused on sustainable energy and aquaculture, we are a collective of passionate experts in a wide variety of fields that engage directly with local communities commercially, culturally and socially.

Our large scale projects bring employment and economic benefits to coastal communities but more than that we bring our shared values on sustainability and a global perspective about the actions and methods we use to carry out our work.


We work with the ocean to develop blue growth strategies globally and fight climate change.

We are part of a global movement focused on replacing fossil fuels with clean ocean energy and developing sustainable sources of protein, while developing coastal economies with new projects and investment in happy co-existence.

This enables us to focus on future generations, create a sustainable future and be a good ancestor.


At Simply Blue we want our marine projects to make a tangible difference to world sustainability.

We work with people who share our core values of integrity, courage, passion, responsibility and diversity and these values guide our behaviour and interaction with customers, the community and the environment. We believe this enables Simply Blue to attract the best partners to our marine projects and enables stakeholders and the community to be confident in us as a responsible organisation.

Service Provided:
  • Project Developer
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy