Rutter Inc.

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Rutter Inc. radar systems fulfill marine safety, security and environmental monitoring applications. Products include the sigma S6 Ice Navigator ™, Small Target Surveillance, and Oil Spill Detection product WaMoS® II wave and current monitoring system. sigma S6 systems improves detection and tracking capabilities, creates high resolution images and provides decision support information for applications such as; Iceberg detection and sea ice management; Security, surveillance and seismic array anti-fouling; and, Oil spill detection and response management. The WaMoS II wave and current monitoring product uses X-band radar to provide real-time data about significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction, surface current speed & direction to manage operational risk and support safe operations at sea. sigma and WaMoS products are available in combination to provide consolidated information reporting and decision support.  

Service Provided:
  • Ocean technology