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PanGeo Subsea

We are a Marine geophysical-geotechnical service delivery company specializing in high resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions to mitigate risk in offshore installations by imaging and identifying geohazards in the seabed and providing detailed soil stratigraphy.

PanGeo Subsea has two technologies offering the following technological services:

Acoustic Corer™ technology providing:

  • De-risking offshore foundation installation
  • Geohazard locating and imaging
  • High definition stratigraphic imaging and mapping

Sub-Bottom Imager™ technology providing:

  • Pre-Route engineering surveys
  • Decommissioning surveys
  • Unexploded ordnance survey support
  • Buried offshore pipe/cable as-laid / as built surveys
  • Buried offshore pipeline/cable integrity surveys

Our company considers safety to be the number one priority and is very proud of our strong HSE culture with Zero Lost Time Incidents.

Service Provided:
  • Geotechnical
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other energy