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The technology needed to generate clean, predictable and affordable electricity using the ebb and flow of tides is rapidly developing, and there is growing worldwide interest in this emerging renewable energy sector. The UK is at the forefront of developments in tidal energy, and Nova Innovation is a leading industry player headquartered in Edinburgh.

​We design, build and operate tidal energy devices, and we develop sites for arrays of tidal turbines.

​We are passionate about having a cleaner environment and reducing the need for fossil fuels, for current and future generations. And we are committed to engage with and source from local supply chains: we believe that the resources and expertise of coastal communities will make a major contribution to the success of tidal power.

​Our aim is to be the world’s leading tidal energy technology company. Drawing on past lessons from the wind power sector, we strongly believe that the way to achieve this is to demonstrate commercial devices at a small (sub-megawatt) scale, then scale up in size as the technology is proven: think big, start small.

​Founded in 2010, Nova has grown rapidly over the last few years: now employing over 30 staff. In 2013, Ian Marchant joined the company as Chairman; Ian is former CEO of Scottish and Southern Energy, one of the UK’s largest utility companies. The strength of the team and our capability is demonstrated by our successful deployment of the world’s first offshore tidal array: in recognition of which Nova won the Judges Award at the Scottish Green Energy Awards 2016. We were also a regional winner in the Shell Springboard 2017 awards for low-carbon innovation.

​In addition to further UK opportunities, we have received interest from around the world for our technology, including South America, Asia, France and Canada. Along with recent substantial project funding wins, this promises a very exciting future for our company. We have plans for significant further growth.

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