NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc.

NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc.

Off the coast of Haida Gwaii in Hecate Strait, the proposed NaiKun project will harness some of the world’s strongest and most consistent winds to provide clean renewable energy to generations of British Columbians.

The Naikun Project is:

Working in partnership

The NaiKun team has been working collaboratively with North Coast communities, First Nations, and global partners to deliver a made-in-B.C. world-class project.

The NaiKun Offshore Wind Energy Project supports B.C.’s commitment to develop clean, renewable, made-in-B.C. electricity and can significantly contribute to meeting our growing energy needs. Wind energy is a key part of the global shift to increase use of renewable energy and this project can help reduce our provincial and national greenhouse gas emissions. The project is a long-term investment in the communities of the north coast and provides lasting benefits. In addition to employment during the construction phase, there will be many long-term career positions related to the operations and maintenance of the project.


Improvements in technology have resulted in a significant reduction in the cost of power from the NaiKun project. With power production 97 per cent of the time, a gross capacity factor of greater than 60%, and with more than 19 years of wind data showing 10 metres per second average wind speed, the project is poised to be cost-effective and reliable.


Provincial (Environmental Assessment Office) and federal (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) regulatory approvals are in place for a 400MW project. Construction can begin within two years of power purchase agreement. Construction period has been reduced with advances in technology and engineering, resulting in lower construction costs and facilitating powering up projects faster.

Service Provided:
  • Project Developer
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  • Renewable Energy