Minas Energy

Our company is a member of Scotia Investments Limited, which traces its roots to R. A. Jodrey, one of Nova Scotia's most successful entrepreneurs, whose first company was incorporated in 1920.

Mr. Jodrey decided in 1932 to develop hydroelectric power to gain control of his companies' energy destiny, and we continue to operate these 2MW and 3MW facilities on the St Croix river system. On May 12, 2011, Mr. Jodrey was named the first Energy Pioneer by the Maritimes Energy Association.

Faced with elevated price volatility associated with a number of energy purchases, the portfolio in 2005 again decided the best way to manage energy supply and cost risks was to become an active player in the energy market by self-developing some initiatives, and providing solutions to others in need.

We understand the demand, supply and community sides of the energy industry, which makes us uniquely able to address the concerns of all stakeholders and ultimately deliver results to our clients. See what we've accomplished with our projects.

Service Provided:
  • Project Developer
  • Device Developer