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Long Pond Harbour Authority Inc.

Long Pond Harbour Authority Inc. (LPHA) is a private not for profit corporation. As part of the Canadian Port Divestiture Program, it was formed in 1999 to examine the potential to become an independent port that could transition from the Federal Government. In March of 2013, LPHA Inc. took ownership of the port infrastructure and seabed. LPHA has three staff and is operated by a volunteer board of directors with representation from two members: the Industrial Port User Group and the Corporation of the Town of Conception Bay South. The mandate of the board of directors, is to oversee the long-term sustainable future of LPHA Inc. In this role, each director brings with them a combined wealth knowledge that is continuously relied upon in their legal obligation to advise the board and collectively make decisions in the best interest of the Long Pond Harbour Authority Inc. LPHA Inc. remains ridged on following sound governance derived from the direction levied by the federal and provincial government upon divestiture in the form of bylaws.

The Port of Long Pond is located within the Town of Conception Bay South, situated on the Northeast Avalon Peninsula, and strategically located just 20 kilometers outside the city of St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Town of Conception Bay South is home to approximately 27,000 residents. Conception Bay South is both urban and rural; a scenic community containing quiet residential areas, outdoor recreation, industrial sites, a commercial port, and many other commercial enterprises. The town has a thriving business community and combined with its location, makes Conception Bay South a great place to live and conduct business.

Historically, the Port of Long Pond has played an important economic role, not only for the town itself but also for the Avalon Peninsula and eastern Newfoundland. Ocean shipping activity is a particularly important aspect of the growth and development of eastern Newfoundland in general. Products exported from the Port of Long Pond include pyrophyllite (Trinity Resources) and transshipment of oil (Woodward’s Oil). Imported products include grain feed (Country Ribbon Inc.) and cement (St. Lawrence Cement). It has also recently began serving as a port of call for offshore supply vessels

Service Provided:
  • Port Facilities
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other energy