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HydroQuest is a leading, renewable energy developer that has built its future on sound engineering, backed up by correlated testing, and proven components with a thorough monitoring philosophy that ensures the lowest adverse effects to the environment. 

The company is currently focused on its proven tidal turbine technology that has reliably produced electricity into Europe’s power grid for over two years. They are now developing the largest potential tidal farm in the world, FloWatt, that will lead to 1GW plus of tidal power generation. The first phase requires seven turbines of 2.5MW capacity and in operation by 2025. 

  • Predictable
    • A 100% predictable and renewable energy: the natural movement of tides linked to the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon. Guaranteeing reliable and predictable energy supply.
  • Powerful
    • 100GW available worldwide. HydroQuest has potential developments for up to 6GW of this in Europe and Canada.
  • Competitive
    • Energy costs of less than 80 Euros/MWh from the first 1 GW installed capacity. Through scale development and turbine size, up to 5MW.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Lowest adverse effect renewable energy.
  • Low impact
    • Fully submerged, less impact.
  • Local Benefits
    • HydroQuest’s goal: to develop local industries to manufacture and maintain turbines.


Service Provided:
  • Device Developer
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  • Renewable Energy