GWFT Go With the Flow Technologies Inc.

  • Endless Belt Generator (TCSC tidal current surface crawler)

GWFT Go With the Flow Technologies Inc. introduces a GAME CHANGER approach to capturing tidal current energy leading to grid connected electricity at approximately $0.03 per kWh.

With the most critical components mounted above water and a minimum depth of less than 6' feet required, this technology is like no other allowing as to install the unit in shallow rivers or deep ocean waters. Fast or slow moving currents, our technology is build to get the  most out of the available energy. 

GWFT is also amenable to license this and other technology designed to engage the “in-line” forces of moving fluids, rather than the “deflected” forces relied on by most conventional wind and tidal current turbines. This represents an immediate and minimum 41.42% increase in the engaged forces. We believe this technology will outperform conventional devices in all respects.

Go With the Flow Technologies is adopting the existing technology website  during this introductory period, and will initially be focusing on tidal currents.

Service Provided:
  • Project Developer
  • Ocean Technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & fabrication
  • Device Developer
  • Electrical systems
Markets served:
  • Navy / Defence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Marine / Boatbuilding
  • Other energy