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Glooscap Energy

Glooscap Energy is a 100% owned entity of Glooscap First Nation in Nova Scotia Canada.

The purpose of Glooscap Energy is to explore and implement green-renewable energy projects on behalf of the community. Our interests are in solar, wind, tidal, and other emerging technologies. Glooscap First Nation produces more renewable energy then they use and are a net exporter of green energy.

In addition to partnering on energy projects, Glooscap Energy provides health and safety consulting. Glooscap Health and Safety Consulting is a sister company that employs Indigenous and non-Indigenous health and safety practitioners who provide advice and audits to energy projects. Recent partners on health and safety projects in the past year include Minas Energy and Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Service Provided:
  • Project Developer
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy