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EDGEWISE Environmental Consultancy Ltd

EDGEWISE Environmental is a certified women-owned marine environmental consultancy based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We focus on marine mammal and seabird observation, mitigation, and anthropogenic noise solutions; providing tailored training and environmental consulting services across all marine industries. We also have a growing Research & Development program and are always open to collaboration. We strive to tackle environmental issues with our clients through our training programs and consulting efforts to make a positive environmental impact on all marine ecosystems.  

Our Vision
The EDGEWISE vision is to implement a new standard for marine animal mitigation within the Canadian blue economy. This will provide our clients with unparalleled expertise, and our students with industry-leading knowledge and skills to better protect our oceans.

Service Provided:
  • Ocean Technology
  • Research & education
  • Professional Services
  • Environmental Services
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other energy