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DHI Water & Environment, Inc.

Since 1991, DHI has developed standards and tools to optimize wind farm design and ensure safe construction, operation and maintenance. In fact, more than 85% of commissioned offshore wind farms include DHI input. Recognized as best-in-class by certifiers, our methods, data and ecological modelling tools allow you to identify potential impacts early and throughout the project cycle to ease approval processes and reduce scheduling and investment risks to make your project more bankable. For more than 30 years, DHI has contributed to the development of offshore wind energy and other marine renewable energy systems worldwide. We offer specialized consulting services to grid providers, developers, consultants, contractors, and authorities covering all phases of a project, from planning and design, installation and construction to operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. 

DHI is a global, independent, private, and not-for-profit organization. DHI A/S established in Denmark and today represented by subsidiary companies in all regions of the world. Our network of offices spans more than 30 countries worldwide, representing over 59 years of dedicated research and real-life experience from more than 140 countries. We make this knowledge globally accessible to clients and partners by channeling it through our local teams and unique solutions and software. At present, we have about 1,100 employees, of whom about 80% holding MSc and PhD degrees primarily in hydrodynamics, coastal hydraulics, hydrology, chemistry, biology, and computer sciences.

Our world is water. So, whether you need to save water, share it fairly, improve its quality, quantify its impact or mange its flow, we can help. Our objectives are to advance technological development and competence within the fields of water, environment, and health. We offer a wide range of consulting services and leading-edge technologies and software tools. The specialist consultancy services offered by DHI extensively involve field investigations and surveys, and physical and mathematical modelling studies.  Modelling tasks are based on the in-house model test facilities and on DHI's world recognized modelling software, MIKE Powered by DHI.

High-quality and reliable metocean data are fundamental to the success of any marine project.  Site-specific measurements, satellite data and output from numerical models all serve as typical sources for such metocean data.  Having established the basic data, a thorough analysis is needed to generate the required information.  DHI covers all these aspects, and the provision of such data and hindcasts has been one of our core competencies since our establishment in 1964. Within offshore wind and energy projects we provide unique solutions within areas such as:

  • Seabed mobility studies
  • Burial depth requirements
  • Cable landfall crossings
  • Site selection and surveying
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Environmental impacts and SIA/EIA
  • Metocean design conditions
  • Wave and current impact loads and response of structures
  • Scour assessment and scour protection optimization
  • Optimization of construction and installation procedures
  • Decision support systems
  • Assistance with certification process and development of certification reports.


Service Provided:
  • Operational Support
  • Geophysical
  • Site Characterization (Environmental and Geo-data)
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Training
  • Mapping
  • Government
  • Certification
  • Software / modelling
  • Project Logistics
  • Environmental Services
  • Metocean
  • Desktop and Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Support
  • International Sales and Marketing Representatives
  • Data Analysis
  • Port Facilities
  • Ocean Technology
  • Research & education
  • Engineering
  • Professional Services
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial
  • Marine / Boatbuilding
  • Other energy