Deep Vision Inc.

Deep Vision develops real-time, intelligent machine perception technology. Deep Vision's unique technology enables systems or devices to detect, recognise, and interpret objects and events within unknown and chaotic environments. With blazing speed.

AHAB is Deep Vision’s automatic marine mammal spotting solution for aerial (plane, UAV, helicopter, etc.) and surface level (vessels, wind turbines, oil rigs etc.) platforms. The technology uses electro optical sensors to provide persistent maritime situational awareness, enabling the detection and continuous monitoring of marine mammals. The system provides real-time feedback of marine mammal counts, geolocation, proximity to vessels, and heading. The technology is passive (non-emitting sensors do not interfere with animal behaviour), and embeddable on low SWaP devices.

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Service Provided:
  • Ocean technology
  • Research & education
  • Engineering
  • Device Developer
  • Software / modelling
Markets served:
  • Aerospace
  • Navy / Defence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other energy