Cascadia Coast Research Ltd.

Cascadia Coast Research Ltd. is a trusted and leading consultancy in Ocean Engineering and Coastal Science.

  • We provide cutting edge met-ocean analysis for Marine Renewables and other industries
  • We provide strategic guidance and for developers to optimize their projects and technologies for the ocean environment
  • We provide technology due-diligence for funders to optimally allocate their investments
  • We work with municipalities and developers to quantify the risks of sea level rise, tsunami, and flood 
  • We work with researchers solve large scale complex problems
  • We develop state of the art technologies for the ocean environment

Cascadia has established clients within the marine renewable energy, transportation, academic, and public sectors. Cascadia is open to working with clients interested in leveraging expertise and partnerships in new and innovative ways.

Service Provided:
  • Ocean Technology
  • Research & education
  • Engineering
  • Professional Services
  • Software / modelling
Markets served:
  • Infrastructure / Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Architectural
  • Industrial
  • Marine / Boatbuilding
  • Other energy