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Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is an industry-led transformative cluster model that is driving cross-sectoral collaboration, accelerating innovation, and growing Canada’s ocean economy in a way that has never been done before.

Canada’s Ocean Opportunity
By 2030, the global ocean economy is expected to double in value to $3 trillion, outpacing the growth of the broader global economy by almost 20 per cent. Today Canada’s Ocean economy employs almost 350,000 Canadians and contributes more than $36 billion to our gross domestic product, with an incredible opportunity for growth in front of us.

With the largest coastline in the world, highly productive ecosystems, subsea resources, and untapped potential, Canada is well-positioned to deliver on the demand for ocean solutions given our expertise across ocean industries in technology, research, education, safety and sustainability, combined with some of the most abundant ocean resources and innovative people on the planet.

Changing the Way Ocean Business is Done
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is guided by the shared vision of leaders in fisheries, aquaculture, offshore resources, transportation, marine renewables, defence, bio resources, and ocean technologies to leverage our strengths to solve ocean challenges together. By matching industry investment, and facilitating collaboration and close alignment with the ecosystem, academia, science, indigenous communities, and government, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is activating game-changing projects and advancing Canada’s position as a global leader in ocean.

We are answering the call for sustainable ocean innovation by building a robust ecosystem that is well-connected and well-equipped to rapidly innovate, commercialize solutions, and deliver on the growing ocean opportunity by:

Creating a new model for ocean growth, and reducing risk for companies;

  • Increasing data exchange across ocean stakeholders to maximize value and minimize duplication;
  • Strengthening connections to develop commercial, sustainable ocean solutions;
  • Building an inclusive and highly capable workforce; and
  • Developing solutions that also address ocean health.

Service Provided:
  • Ocean Technology
  • Research & education
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy