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Black Bawks Data Science Ltd.

Black Bawks data science’s mission is to provide data analytics and scientific support for organizations who are aiming to make our world more ecologically sustainable. We have vast experience with machine learning technologies for predictive analytics, web-based decision support tools, Geographic Information Systems and statistical analyses as well as on the ground data collection using end-to-end solutions. Our experience allows us to work across many fields and ecosystems from offshore wind farms in the North Atlantic to the icy continent of Antarctica.

Black Bawks is a home operated business based in the beautiful village of Invergarry, Scotland with agents located and working remotely. This means that we are able to keep operating costs low while ensuring quality analysis and data products.

Our services

Offshore wind farm ornithology – We have expertise in collision risk modelling, interpretation and analysis of aerial and boat-based surveys, density surface modelling, population viability analyses and distributional response analyses.

Web-based decision support tools – Using the latest in R shiny and Django web frameworks, we can generate web-based tools that will help bring data insights to your screen in efficient and useful ways for digital story telling and analysis.

GIS Mapping and database curation – Black Bawks has vast expertise with ArcMap, QGIS and R-based mapping applications for geostatistical analysis, publications, reports, websites and stakeholder engagement. We also work with the PostgreSQL language for design and implementation of databases for a variety of purposes.

Statistical data analysis and scientific advice - From terrestrial to marine ecosystems, Black Bawks can offer statistical and scientific support from predictive analytics using frequentist and machine learning algorithms to survey and scientific design. 

Service Provided:
  • Mapping
  • Desktop and Feasibility Studies
  • Data Analysis
  • Research & education
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy