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Harnessing the Power of Moving Water to Create Clean, Sustainable Energy

At BigMoon, we’re reinventing the wheel.

Our mission is to harness the largely untapped oceans and rivers of the world as a source of clean, predictable, and inexhaustible renewable energy, while disrupting the market by following four basic principles:

SIMPLICITY - Working with nature and not against it, through simple, durable, cost-efficient, and maintainable solutions that operate in harmony with the natural environment.

COMMUNITY - Developing relationships with local communities and First Peoples through active listening, contributing, employing, and fostering meaningful partnerships.

SUSTAINABILITY - Sustaining and improving the marine environment for the benefit of current and future generations through investments in science, and responsible stewardship.

LEADERSHIP - Championing energy projects of all kinds that are profitable and scalable on a global basis, in order to magnify clean energy efforts around the world.

Service Provided:
  • Engineering
  • Device Developer
  • Electrical systems
Markets served:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial