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ABL (Canada) Ltd.

LOC Canada is part of the AqualisBraemar LOC Group that offers marine, engineering and adjusting consultancy services to the renewables and offshore energy sector. As a group, LOC contributes to sustainable development offshore and onshore at all stages of the project lifecycle. It has been an independent and impartial partner to many of the major activities in offshore wind development over the last 15 years across the globe, including involvement with more than 60 offshore wind farms and delivering engineering design solutions.

The Group’s marine and engineering consulting has expanded to support projects across tidal, wave and solar energy, including cable engineering, geoscience consulting and vessel design. Through Marine Warranty Services (MWS), LOC also provides independent third-party technical review and approval of high-value and/or high-risk marine construction and transportation project operations, from the planning stages through to the physical execution.

With renewables team members around the globe, including an experienced North America based team, LOC has significant experience and first-hand knowledge of local environments, support facilities, contractors and regulations. Expertise covers design, engineering, analysis and warranty of every aspect of marine operations crucial to the successful development of renewables projects and gives us unique insights that we can deliver to our clients.

Service Provided:
  • Engineering
  • Marine trades & operations
  • Professional Services
Markets served:
  • Infrastructure / Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Marine / Boatbuilding
  • Other energy